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Customer Experience: Cloé Peker

Cloé is the creative spirit behind every moment of your journey with Ulisses. With French and Portuguese roots, she grew up among the waves of Arrábida, developing a deep appreciation for the rugged beauty of Portugal. Her life has taken her across Europe, where she learned to speak multiple languages and experienced various cultures.


"From Arrábida to European Metropolises"

Growing up in the stunning region of Arrábida, Cloé’s childhood was marked by a strong connection to the sea and nature. This idyllic setting shaped her love for Portugal's natural beauty. As she grew older, her life led her to explore European metropolises, where she learned several languages, experienced different cultures, and mastered the art of conversation. During this time, she also earned a degree in film, which allowed her to develop a creative vision and capture the essence of her experiences.

"The Documentary "Saudade"

Cloé’s passion for Arrábida inspired her to create the documentary "Saudade." This work reflects her deep connection to the region, blending tradition with modernity and receiving acclaim for its authentic portrayal of her homeland. "Saudade" is not just a film but a celebration of Portuguese culture and landscapes, showcasing the beauty that has captivated her since childhood.


"Photographer at Wave Garden"

Cloé worked at Wave Garden in Bristol as a photographer and customer experience. This allowed her to develop valuable skills in communication, marketing, and customer service, all while maintaining a creative perspective. She learned to capture special moments and interact with people from diverse backgrounds, enriching her ability to create memorable experiences for Ulisses costumers.

"Building a Legacy with Simão"

With Simão by her side, Cloé is building a legacy where their son, like them, can find comfort in nature and their adventures. Their vision is to create an environment where the connection to nature is cherished and preserved. Together, they strive to ensure that Ulisses is not just a tourism company but an extension of their passion for nature and environmental preservation for future generations.

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