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SKIPPer: Zoé Peker

Zoe Peker is a unique blend of Portuguese and French heritage. She grew up in the beautiful region of Arrábida, Portugal, where she developed a deep love for the sea and nature. Her childhood was filled with swimming, surfing, and hiking in the mountains, shaping her into an adventurous and passionate individual.


"A Lifeguard's Dedication"

Zoe has worked as a lifeguard in Portugal for the past four years. This job has allowed her to combine her love for the sea with her desire to help others. Every day, she ensures beachgoers' safety, honing her water safety and emergency response skills. This role has strengthened her sense of responsibility and leadership, making her a valuable skipper for our sailing business.

"A Lifelong Love
for Swimming and Surfing"

Zoe's passion for sports, especially swimming and surfing, started when she was a baby. She has always felt at home in the water, whether catching waves on her surfboard or swimming gracefully. These activities have taught her discipline, resilience, and the joy of pushing her limits. Her expertise in these sports enhances her abilities as both a lifeguard and a skipper.

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"Pursuing a Marine Biology Degree"

Zoe’s deep connection to the sea led her to study marine biology. Her education has given her a comprehensive understanding of marine life and the challenges facing our oceans. This knowledge deepened her appreciation for marine ecosystems and the need to protect them. Her academic background supports her professional goals and her commitment to marine conservation.

"Specializing in Blue Tourism"

With her marine biology degree, Zoe specialized in blue tourism, which focuses on sustainable tourism practices. She is passionate about ensuring that tourism doesn't harm marine ecosystems. Her expertise allows her to guide and educate others on responsible travel, ensuring visitors can enjoy the ocean's beauty while minimizing their impact. As a skipper, Zoe is excited to promote sustainable adventures that protect our oceans for future generations.

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